Picky Tongues

Picky Tongues.

I am a sugaraholic.  There, I said it.  Hi, my name is Christina and I’m a sugaraholic.  Sometimes, when I’m watching Intervention or Drugs Inc, I can relate to someone on the show because of my sugar addiction.  The only difference is that I’m spoiled by easy access.  I can have sugar any time with no societal consequences.  I don’t have to be clever, I probably won’t lose my job because of it, and I don’t need a lot of money to acquire sugary foods.  Although it might not be the wisest choice (the secret to growth lies in our biggest challenges), I could never willingly give up tasting sweetness.

Sour, umami, spicy and salty are flavors I do occasionally crave but bitterness never seems to occur to my tongue as a flavor I need or want.  I’m sure bitterness would be missed, but not quite like the others.  So bitterness, I’m sorry to see you go, but you just don’t stand a chance against the others…especially not my dear sweet sugar.


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