Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf.

It’s time to revisit the ol’ bookshelf.  What would I reread?  Siddhartha.  Little me liked this book.  Big me (now) will truly understand the journey Siddhartha endured.  I imagine it will offer some new insights that I overlooked as a child, probably because they were irrelevant at the time.  Now, in my 30s, I have a deeper sense of what I want in life, what kind of enlightenment and meaning I’m looking for in my life.  I’m glad this book had an impact on me because it led me to keep a copy around, which reminded me that at some point, I want to pick it up again; devour it all over again, from a new perspective.  I think deep down I must’ve known that it was going to be an important book for me to read as an adult.  Thanks, little me.


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